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Guest Director

David O. Russell

Few filmmakers have so uncompromisingly exemplified the spirit of independence as our 2013 Guest Director, David O. Russell. In each of his extraordinary features, he has taken classic American genres and twisted them into bold and ferociously entertaining new shapes. The subversive and taboo-breaking Spanking the Monkey reinvented the coming-of-age comedy. Dark and hilarious Flirting with Disaster added a new twist to the screwball comedy. I Heart Huckabees radically dared to marry philosophy and farce. The Fighter deepened the feel-good sports saga with its psychologically rich and ambiguous family portrait. And his irresistible Silver Linings Playbook brought the romantic comedy into the age of bipolar disorders.

For all this and more, the Los Angeles Film Festival was honored to present the Spirit of Independence Award to our 2013 Guest Director, David O. Russell.