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Today at the Festival: June 19

The Curtain Falls…

It’s true: all good things must come to an end, including the 20th annual Los Angeles Film Festival. It’s been an exciting, memorable week and a half; we hope you enjoyed everything that the Festival had to offer and greatly appreciate your support. We’re pulling out all the stops on this final day, with a great selection of marquee screenings, including tonight’s Closing Night Gala screening of Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys.

Below are highlighted screenings/events for June 19th – click here to view the full Festival schedule; search all films and events here.

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1,000 Times Good Night (Norway, 2013)
Summer Showcase
2:00 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 12

The great Juliette Binoche plays Rebecca, a heralded war photographer wounded in the blood-stained streets of Kabul while doing a story on a suicide bomber. Back in the peaceful Irish countryside, her passion for her profession threatens to destroy her marriage and her family, who never know if she’ll return from an assignment alive. Can Rebecca live without the adrenaline rush of danger? Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays Binoche’s husband in director Eric Poppe’s complex, beautifully observed drama. Watch the TrailerBuy Tickets


They Came Together (USA, 2014)
Summer Showcase
2:00 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 13

What David Wain did for the summer camp movie in his cult classic Wet Hot American Summer he does for the Hollywood romantic comedy in They Came Together, a hilarious send up of every tired rom-com cliché in the studio textbook. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler star as a Manhattan couple who meet (cute of course) on Halloween, both dressed as Ben Franklin. It’s hate at first sight, then love at second, then the obligatory complications including his sexy ex-girlfriend and her psychotic one. Watch the Trailer | Buy Tickets


The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (France, 2014)
International Showcase
4:20 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 14

In 2011, while in the middle of a promotional book tour, French author and provocateur Michel Houellebecq disappeared. Some thought he was holed up drunk somewhere; others speculated that he had been taken hostage by Al-Qaeda. Houellebecq himself, who reappeared after a few days, has never offered any explanation of any kind… until now. Houellebecq plays himself for writer/director Guillaume Nicloux, who posits that Houllebecq fell into the hands of three amateur kidnappers. Watch the TrailerBuy Tickets


Lake Los Angeles (USA, 2014)
Narrative Competition
4:30 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 13

After crossing into the U.S. with no family to speak of, young Cecilia finds herself in the charge of Francisco, a lonely Cuban immigrant long separated from his own family. Francisco operates a way station for border crossers on the outskirts of Lake Los Angeles, a surreal, desiccated lakebed in the California desert. While he copes with the alienation of living alone in a foreign land and the impossibility of realizing the American dream, Cecilia aimlessly wanders the landscape, accompanied only by her imagination and distant memories. Watch the TrailerBuy Tickets


Jersey Boys (USA, 2014)
Closing Night Gala
7:30 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 1

Jersey Boys tells the story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who come together to form the iconic 1960s rock group The Four Seasons.  The story of their trials and triumphs are accompanied by songs that influenced a generation, including “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk like a Man,” “Dawn,” “Rag Doll,” “Bye Bye Baby,” “Who Loves You” and many more. John Lloyd Young reprises his Tony Award-winning portrayal of the legendary lead singer of The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli. Watch the Trailer | More Info