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Today at the Festival: June 18

Celebrating Our Members

Even though we’re closing in on the home stretch of the 20th annual Los Angeles Film Festival, we’re still going strong. Last night, Film Independent Members enjoyed an exclusive screening of The One I Love and a Member Reception on the Event Deck at L.A. LIVE. Prior to that, Festival-goers enjoyed Hossein Amini’s directorial debut – the first of three gala screenings in three nights - The Two Faces of January.

Below are highlighted screenings/events for June 18th – click here to view the full Festival schedule; search all films and events here.

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– Featured Event –

Let’s Play
9:20 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 14

This international selection of Let’s Play videos – video game playthroughs with commentary by the gamers – delves into the worldwide gaming phenomenon. Game developers and Let’s Play video creators will be in attendance to discuss their games, videos and the fan culture that has developed between the two. Watch the Trailer | Buy Tickets


The Battered Bastards of Baseball (USA, 2014)
Summer Showcase
1:45 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 9

Decades before Billy Beane rethought major league management with the analytics of “moneyball,” Bing Russell threw a little chin music at the establishment with the carnivalesque antics of his Portland Mavericks. Kurt Russell joins other former Mavericks in recounting how his dad revitalized independent Single-A baseball in 1973. Cobbling together a team through open tryouts, the elder Russell recruited players as much for their backstories as their on-base percentages. Watch the Trailer | Buy Tickets


Club Sandwich (Mexico, 2013)
International Showcase
4:00 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 9

Paloma and Hector are best friends; they’re also mother and teenage son. On their annual summer vacation, their unique relationship is tested when Hector meets Jazmin, an assertive young woman his own age who vies for his affections. Dreading the inevitable, Paloma attempts to maintain her position, but room-service milkshakes with his mom, no matter how cool she is, can’t compete with the promise of a romantic encounter, and Hector begins to withdraw more frequently to Jazmin’s hotel room down the hall. Watch the TrailerBuy Tickets


The Overnighters (USA, 2013)
Summer Showcase
6:45 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 8

When the small North Dakota town of Williston turns into a boom town due to fracking, unearthing vast pools of oil, hordes of unemployed men, some with questionable backgrounds, descend on the unprepared, overcrowded and anxious town in search of work. Only the fiercely compassionate Lutheran pastor Jay Reinke opens his doors to these men, offering them shelter and counsel at his community church. His dogged, one-man mission of mercy sets off a firestorm in Williston, with devastating repercussions. Watch the Trailer | Buy Tickets


Caterpillar (Japan, 2010)
Films That Got Away
7:00 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 12

Despite having forged his reputation in the ’60s and ’70s era exploitation trenches of the pinku eiga genre, it was in the years just prior to his untimely 2012 passing that the legendary Koji Wakamatsu found his most resonant voice. If his blistering indictment of ’70s era Japanese leftism in 2007′s United Red Army was an attempt to reconcile himself to his generation’s radicalism, this 2010 follow up is its ideological corollary, an accusatory finger pointed at the previous generation’s rightist militarism for planting the seeds of that radicalism. Watch the Trailer | Buy Tickets


Jossy’s (Japan, 2014)
The Beyond
9:40 pm, Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE – Theater 12

Five reluctant young women are recruited to become Earth’s last line of defense in this broad parody of Japanese Super Sentai shows like Kamen Rider and the countless iterations of the Power Rangers. Wearing the prerequisite color-coded uniforms, the team must fight off intergalactic villains like StinkBug and Mutant Mucus despite an utter lack of training. Watch the TrailerBuy Tickets