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Volunteers & Interns


Volunteers are undoubtedly the foundation of the Los Angeles Film Festival. With over 200 screenings and events held over 9 days, the Festival would not be able to function without the vital roles that Festival Volunteers hold. Not only do Volunteers work behind the scenes, they are also at the forefront of the Festival, ensuring that our filmmakers and guests have a truly enjoyable experience. Whether it’s working in theater operations, answering ticketing questions or setting up Q&A panel discussions, Volunteers help bring this world-class cinematic event to life. Volunteers must sign up to work a minimum of 20 hours during the Festival and need to attend one mandatory training session.


Volunteer application period for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival will open mid-March 2015.

For up-to-the-minute reports on all things Festival-related, including Volunteer registration, follow us @LAFilmFest or like us at Facebook.com/LAFilmFest.



Interns assist with various preparations leading up to the Festival, ideally working with a specific Film Independent department that best matches their career objectives.

Application period for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival internships will begin February 2, 2015.
Please check back in mid-January for application information.

Want to know more about year-round internship opportunities with Film Independent? Send an email to internjobs@filmindependent.org and include a resume which lists the top 2-3 departments you would be interested in working with. Find a list of departments here: http://www.filmindependent.org/about/staff-directory/.